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Mello had just gotten a chocolate bar and was trying to think of things on how to beat Kira before Near did. God did he hate that bastard..... Mello growled and snapped off a piece of chocolate. He still couldn't think of anything, not for the past few days. His mind had been occupied by other things.

My red-headed best friend had just gotten back from the store and was about to go take a shower, which he had to announce. Not like I minded that he did.... Shut up, thoughts! Mello thought as he growled again and face-palmed.

"What's wrong, Mells?" Matt asked stopping in the doorway as he looked back at the ex-mafia boss.

"Like you could do anything about it." The blonde scoffed at the younger male. "But I can't think of a way to beat Near and finish Kira before him. I need to find information on that Death Note that I lost so maybe I could get an edge over that albino bastard!" He ended up raising his voice, like he always does when talking about said albino brat.

"If you want information, try Google. It has everything." The goggled boy said carelessly as he walked into the bathroom. It was true, he really couldn't do anything about Mello's lack of information, and the worst that would happen was him getting hit as soon as he got out of the shower.

Mello just sat there staring at the laptop screen. He still hadn't thought of any ideas for how to get to it and so he decided to do what Matt suggested, no matter how stupid it was. It is something to do and it might actually do something to help me with this case. He thought.

He quickly went to Google and typed in "Death Note" in the search bar. Surprisingly, or at least surprising to Mello, a bunch of images came up. Some that actually did look like the Death Note that the blonde had possessed while others were images of L, Light Yagami, and that Misa chick. Mello had even seen a picture of himself and Watari! Mello scowled slightly when he saw a picture of Near, but he was amused with this search.

As Matt came out of the bathroom around 20 minutes later he was glad that he didn't get a fist in his face, but he was some-what worried what was going through Mello's head. He assumed that as long as he didn't get hit, or shot, he should be fine. Then again, it was Mello we were talking about, and Mello, as we all know, is as unpredictable as a bat out of hell.

The red-headed teen grabbed his new DS and plopped down in the chair, seeing as he wanted to be as far away from Mello incase the blonde were to blow a gasket. He just turned on his game and returned to his game of Mario Kart.

Mello kept going through pictures until he finally got to the bottom of the page. He frowned. This wasn't really helping him at all with his investigation, but it was keeping his boredom at bay. He thought of something else to type in, and he figured, the hell with it! He typed in "Mello Kheel." The search came up with some pictures of himself and some other random people he had never heard of.

His eyes widened considerably when he found a rather disturbing picture of him and L.......with L topping. The blonde shivered at the thought. Yes, he might have respected the panda-eyed detective but he did not like him in that way.

He refused to look at any of the other pictures on the page. That one that Mello has stumbled upon seemed to shake him more than he wanted to admit. The blonde chose to look at his best-friend, and decided to type in "Matt Jeevas" into the search engine.

The pictures that Mello saw were not for all eyes. If he had his way they would all be his. Let me just tell you that they were all as sexy as hell. Now, I better shut up now before Mello decides to shoot me.

She better stop breaking that damn wall. Mello mentally growled, but then he stopped as he caught sight of another very sexy picture of Matt. The farther he got down the page the more he liked the pictures, that is until he saw one picture.

He growled at it, for the millionth time that day. Inside Mello felt much more angry than I was acting. Mello took a glance at his friend as he continued playing his game.

"Get in the bedroom now." Mello said as his blonde hair shadowed his eyes.

"What? I never did anything!"

"Room, now."

"But--" Mello slammed the laptop shut and dropped it on the table, not caring if it was damaged.

"NOW!" The blonde stood up, grabbed Matt by the collar of his striped shirt and drug him into the bedroom.

Meanwhile, the little leprechaun that had been hiding in the cupboard decided to see what was on the laptop. What he saw was not something that he really wasn't expecting. Even though he had no clue what was going on......

There, on the screen, was a picture of Matt with a collar around his neck. The dog collar was attached to a chain, and holding the chain was a certain recluse of an albino. Said albino looked fairly proud of himself, with something else hidden in his smirk.

"No wonder a certain blonde was pissed off."

The leprechaun didn't know what was going on, but he was sure that it wasn't going to be good. The little man knew that the blonde man was surely upset for some odd reason, and he thought that the red-headed boy was getting punished by said blonde.

Now, since the authoress is getting tired of calling the leprechaun "The leprechaun" she is just going to randomly call him Tony.

…...Tony is awesome......

Now back to Tony. The little man was worried for the striped boy, considering all the strange noises he was hearing from the room. The very small orange-haired man scurried to the door and what he saw through the small opening was something that he could not repeat.

…...Just because he won't doesn't mean I will do the same. It was hot, sexy, and nosebleed worthy.

Tony stood there frozen, with blood dripping down from his nose. Then all of a sudden he just fell over onto his face.


"Shut the hell up and let us continue fucking in peace!!!!!"

~~~A few hours later~~~

Mello was walking around the apartment, holding his gun, looking for a random girly figure standing in a corner. He couldn't believe that his girly subconscious came back. He was going to shoot her, fore he was certain that she was an actual person and not just his subconscious.


"What is it, Matt?" The blonde asked as he turned to look at the red-head. He could still see a presentable mark on his neck.

"Why is there a leprechaun in front of the door to our bedroom...?"

"A leprechaun? That's crazy." He said as he looked down, but sure enough, there was a leprechaun. "Alright, now that is something you don't see everyday."

"You both killed Tony when you both were having sex. He bled out." The two teens looked up when they heard racking sobs. They saw nothing though.

"What? Who is Tony?"

"Tony the leprechaun!"

"I thought you were my subconscious." Mello said as he aimed his gun towards the direction of the voice.

"That is what you think." The voice huffed.

"Mello, why is there a creepy girly voice in here?" Matt asked, making sure that Mello wasn't going crazy, like the blonde originally thought.

"She is here to annoy the hell out of me." Said blonde deadpanned before turning away to try and ignore everything.
So, here is the full story of 'Just Get In The Damn Room' because some people actually wanted it up so that they could read it.

If you die from this, not my fault.

The only thing I own is Tony and my voice, I certainly own that....

So, thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tony says thanks too! 8D
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Reprogrammed Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Student Writer
Aw. Poor Tony.
AYF100 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
I know...... Poor Tony..... At least he died watching smex instead of getting killed by my grandfather, who happened to threaten to kill him.
hiddenlotaslee Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Student Artist
Alright that was interesting. XD
AYF100 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
I'm glad that you thought so~ ^^ Just imagine what I thought as I was writing it 8D XD
hiddenlotaslee Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student Artist
lol I'm not sure if I want to. XD
AYF100 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
XD Maybe not. =3
hiddenlotaslee Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Student Artist
AYF100 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
ButterzXx Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL I love it! And I definitely love the nosebleed worthy part ;D
AYF100 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Thank you and thank you. :3 I'm glad you like this one too~
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